split w/ Hadley Applesauce

by Best News Weapon

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This is a split release with Hadley Applesauce. You can get their side here:

Produced for Fun-A-Day 2017. Every day in January I made a short 4 track loop on the OP 1 Synthesizer. Hadley was also doing a song-a-day project, and asked if I wanted to do a split, so I flushed out 12 of the loops into songs with more structure. All the songs are inspired by the meanings of untranslatable words from other languages, found on greeting cards that I was gifted by my friend A.T. ("Lost In Translation" by Ella Frances Sanders)

Thanks to Charlie for singing on Tiam, and for listening and helping. Thanks A.T. for the cards! Thanks Hadley for the motivation and wanting to do the split!

Click on each song for lyrics, meanings, and language of origin.


released April 3, 2017



all rights reserved


Best News Weapon Bloomington, Indiana

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Track Name: Forelsket
I was never much for empty gestures, I need something tactile.
Keep my feet firmly planted, the stars are for astronauts.
But when you find yourself in that moment, it makes you want to dream more.
Start your engines, let this begin.
Track Name: Gezellig
My favorite time spent with you again. A cup of coffee and a late morning. Put on cloths that never leave the house. Cozy up to our spots on the couch like: "We are the kings of this world". So, we never put on pants today, except to get Chinese take-away. The rest of the night on our own. We are home...alone.
Track Name: Fika
We're all together now. We got lots to talk about, so...
What's been going on, tell me have you been keeping up with the latest from the old crew, remember all the things we used to do? Calling padiddle let me hit you on your arm. You know I'm sorry, but I had to beat you to it. I could reminisce for days, I'll tell you all of the things I did when I was schooling. We threw rocks from the drive-way. Mom was pissed when she found me. Coffee and pastries and good conversation will always lift me up, the best medication. It's my favorite thing, breaking routines. Warm drinks on cool days with friends around me. Scheming all that we could do, even if it never gets done, or if we're fooling.Coffee and pastries and good conversation will always lift me up, the best medication.
Track Name: Cafune
I know that you feel it.
The comfort that you give.
With one simple gesture.
I know I am nurtured.
Track Name: Kilig
Chrysalis, what have you found to make you feel the need to break out. You have chosen this moment in time to meet the world as something new. And I will take this as something prophetic. Your wings will flutter in my stomach. Kaleidoscope.
Track Name: Tiam
What's that you've got, little island? Some kind of spark, like a diamond, I'd wish upon, if I thought better, but I am not, so I'll weather...Storms to find true north.
Track Name: Drachenfutter
I gave it a shot, and now I just cannot go on like before. You may have tried to make up for the times you were not good to me.
You think you can buy your way back into the man I thought you were. Time may tell you just how I felt, but for now you do not know. You may never know.
Track Name: Samar
You can't yawn. You can't give up yet. It's late, but there's still so much to do. Lets not let tomorrow take over while we still got tonight. We've got tonight.
Track Name: Razliubit
The sound of your name on the tip of my tongue, no longer, the shape or weight that it once was.
my love, you’ve always had a way of digging in deep, but now the winter has come and the grizzly’s fast asleep.
Our time has come, like the outcome of a loaded gun. The finite time between, the trigger and blood.And we’re in the waiting room, fated for the bad news, and when the doctor comes, tells us what we’ve already knew.
Track Name: Mamihlapinatapai
Frozen, we sit side by side. You may be feeling the same way I do. It's like something you just know, but can't trust it enough to make the first move. So you wait, and take your sweet time. As if slowed down and existing for just you and me. Silently, we'll both agree. Soon life will be back at it's normal speed. But for now we'll both agree, silently.
Track Name: Nunchi
I knew how you felt then, without any words said.
It’s as old as time itself, subtle signs of our mental health.
You don’t need to hide it, your face tells story your voice can’t
I hope I can give you more, then what you are not asking for.
Track Name: Naz
I am blighted by your care. Tenderly, you let me know you're there. I can count on that for sure, maybe the one thing to breach my walls.
You are my mortar, I am pertinent. Hold me together make me relevant.